Midden-Brabant Poort Omloop

After only a few years, the cycling classic Midden-Brabant Poort Omloop (MBPO) has reached a respected spot on the Dutch cycling calendar. With a solid budget, multi-year sponsorship partners and an ambitious organization, steps are taken forward every year. The upcoming edition is part of a new international competition. Six Dutch UCI 1.2 races have joined forces and launched the Holland Cup. Thanks to the joint approach, most of these professional races will be broadcast live on the internet and regional TV channels. Therefore, on Sunday June 10th a strong, international and professional cycling peloton can be seen in Gilze. In cooperation with Bureau Cycling Service, the organization strives to get strong European continental teams, official training teams (U23) and hopefully some pro-continental teams to the start.



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2011 Erik Jan Kooijman
2012 Erik Jan Kooijman
2013 Sander Oostlander
2014 Tom Vermeer
2015 Twan Brusselman
2016 Rens te Stroet
2017 Jaap Kooijman

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